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New Polish Order from 1 July 2022. – Continuation of the revolution or patching up holes in the act?


The legislator does not give time to entrepreneurs to get used to the new regulations introduced on 1 January 2022 and after only 6 months of their validity, it radically changes the rules of health contribution assessment and PIT taxation. The training will present the changes introduced from 1 July 2022:


  1. Reduction of the tax rate applicable to the first bracket of the tax scale from 17% to 12% – is it for sure?
  2. Introduction for entrepreneurs who do not settle tax in accordance with the tax scale, the possibility to deduct a part of the health premiums paid in connection with business activity subject to a flat 19% tax, lump sum on registered incomes and tax card – will entrepreneurs settling tax in accordance with the tax scale really pay less tax due to the reduced tax rate?
  3. Elimination of the so-called middle class relief – consequences
  4. Sealing the historic preservation tax credit
  5. Change in the rules for applying the tax-free amount (i.e. 1/12 of the tax-deductible amount)
  6. Exemption of the payer from the obligation to collect advance tax payments
  7. Change of the income criterion for an adult studying child, which determines the right of a parent or legal guardian to tax preferences
  8. Change in the catalog of incomes of a minor child, which are added to the parent’s income
  9. Changes in the scope of subjective exemptions
  10. Organizational changes
  11. Allowing a defined group of taxpayers to transfer 1% of their tax due to a public benefit organization based on a request for the previous tax year
  12. Repeal of the mechanism for extending the collection and payment of advance income tax payments during 2022.