Tax consultancy and accounting

New Tax Order in CIT – how the new regulations influenced the settlements almost six months after their introduction


Almost half a year has passed since the revolutionary tax and contribution changes came into force. Some existing doubts have already been resolved and some questions remain unanswered. This training aims to systematize knowledge on the already adopted amendments and further patches to the enacted regulations that are still in the process of being drafted.


  1. New Order – organizing knowledge and the current state of regulations:
  • changes introduced by the Public Health Act
  • changes introduced by the acts of December 9 on the change of excise duty
  • the ordinance of January 7, 2022 and its implementation into the act
  • changes in middle class relief at the legislative stage
  • extending the relief for the middle class – when the changes come into force – including the PLN for PLN mechanism
  • changes in the method of calculating the basis for calculating the health contribution


  1. Payment of the board members:
  • in which cases the members of the management board will pay 9% more “tax” after 1.1.2022
  • partner benefits as an alternative to the management board’s remuneration? pitfalls / important issues
  • variants of taxation of remuneration of management board members
  • what about proxies


  1. New Order reliefs – a discussion of new reliefs as a way to reduce the tax burden:
  • prototype relief,
  • expansion relief,
  • relief for robotization,
  • relief for supporting innovative employees,
  • IPO relief – relief for the issuer and tax exemption for the investor,
  • Venture Capital relief,
  • relief for historic monuments
  • the sponsorship relief to support sport, culture and education relief for innovative employees
  • changes in the R&D tax relief


  1. Other changes important for entrepreneurs:
  • simplification in transfer pricing,
  • restriction of depreciation in real estate companies,
  • prohibition on depreciation of residential property
  • acceptance of payments from consumers – obligation of non-cash payments and sanctioned tax revenues,
  • copies of tax residency certificates,
  • changes in accounting for withholding tax,
  • minimum tax
  • hidden dividend
  • changes in settlement of tax capital groups
  • changes in settlement of tax holdings


  1. Changes to be introduced from 1 July 2022 (draft)
  • changes in tax reliefs
  • elimination of the middle class tax relief – what will be done instead? Reduction to 12% of PIT
  • other planned changes