Tax consultancy and accounting

Budgeting and accountability center accounts

Financial consulting is a service that is becoming increasingly important. The role of finance and accounting departments often goes beyond control and advisory functions for the management. With a proper financial management policy in the company, they can influence the decisions on planning and implementation of activities at every level of the organization.

We work with micro, small and medium-sized companies, supporting them in the field of organization and financial management in the company. We focus on expanding the functionality of accounting and finance departments and increasing their role in the management process. 

What do we provide?

First of all, companies gain knowledge about the close relationship between costs and revenues. They receive real help in defining optimal budgets in terms of assigned tasks. This functionality results from the decentralization of budget management and compliance with procedures. We teach the implementation of new processes, improve the planning of money turnover in the company, which translates into strengthening the organization and its efficiency.