Tax consultancy and accounting

Tax, social security and other administrative disputes

Tax disputes are a problem that can affect any company. As part of our service, we fully represent the taxpayer in a dispute with the tax authorities at each stage of the proceedings – during verification activities, during tax inspections or tax proceedings, and during enforcement proceedings.

In which proceedings do we represent our clients

We successfully represent our clients in specific types of proceedings concerning:

– VAT refund,

– allegations of participation in a tax carousel,

– challenging unfavourable individual interpretations

– income from undisclosed sources,

– proceedings with Social Insurance Institution (ZUS),

– National Labour Inspectorate (PIP).

What can we offer

The experience of our team of tax advisors is based on many years of cooperation with companies from the fuel, energy and coal industries. Our specialists can not only provide assistance in the ongoing resolution of problems, but also conduct a tax audit to increase tax security as to the accuracy of customs and excise settlements.

As part of the prevention and reduction of the risk of administrative disputes, we propose the implementation of procedures and standards through which you can improve your tax security and reduce the risk associated with the probable questioning of the correctness of actions taken in the event of an audit.