Tax consultancy and accounting

Direct taxes: CIT, PIT, as well as property, vehicle and social security taxes

Regulations on direct taxes change very frequently. At MISP we constantly analyse the changes introduced and follow the current practices of tax authorities and administrative courts.


We offer a safe approach to CIT settlements, especially in connection with the tax avoidance clause in force since July 2016 (so-called GAAR clause). We take care of proper documentation of transactions, small abusive clauses. We advise on the optimization of the tax burden to improve the financial liquidity of the taxpayer. We also help you implement Estonian CIT and protect yourself from minimum tax and hidden dividend tax.

PIT and Social Insurance Institution

We realize how important tax settlements are for the company. We advise on how to correctly calculate income tax, especially in doubtful situations, and how to avoid tax risks. We have gained long-term experience from numerous audits of the tax office, Social Insurance Institution and National Labour Inspectorate
in this area – contracts of mandate, contracts for specific work, employment contracts, non-wage benefits have no secrets for us. We help to implement
the changes introduced by the so-called Polish Order.

Fleet – tax on means of transport

We know that the regulations on accounting for vehicle expenses change extremely frequently, as does the way these regulations are interpreted. Based on our experience, we have developed comprehensive procedures for vehicle use. Our service includes drawing up a vehicle policy for your company from scratch, taking into account your needs and the specificity of your business activity. We also prepare templates of possible documents that are necessary to implement the fleet policy.

In addition, as part of the order, we can submit a request for an individual interpretation to learn the position of the authority on the correctness of the adopted solutions.