Tax consultancy and accounting

Food and Beverage Industry

FCMG industry has to face many challenges in the area of tax and accounting. Constant changes in VAT rates for food products and their correct classification cause many problems in the current functioning of the company. Disputes with tax authorities and VAT inspections related to carousel frauds cause additional problems.

The diversity of business activities and the need to deal with many unusual situations make it crucial to make the right decisions quickly in order to guarantee tax security for a company in the food industry.

What does our offer cover

If you operate in the food industry, regardless of your position in the supply chain, we are able to effectively resolve doubts arising both in respect of VAT and income tax.

Complicated distribution agreements, taxation of chain transactions, corporate and indirect discounts, taxation of marketing activities, preparation for tax inspection – these are only some of the issues that we can help you solve as part of the services we offer.