Tax consultancy and accounting

Implementation of tax reliefs and exemptions

Income tax allowances and exemptions give entrepreneurs a real opportunity to reduce their tax burden. 

There is a growing interest in the research and development relief (R&D) and the so-called IP Box, thanks to which it is possible to almost double count the same expenses as tax costs and apply a preferential income tax rate. Entrepreneurs may also take advantage of the exemption for new investments within special economic zones and the Polish Investment Zone. 

As of 1 January 2022, the amendment to the provisions of income tax acts has also introduced many new reliefs. These include reliefs:

– for innovative employees – as a kind of addition to the R&D relief,

– for a new product,

– for robotization,

– for expansion (pro-growth),

– consolidation,

– IPO relief,

– sponsoring, including the so-called relief for sport,

– tax relief for real estate monuments.    


In the era of increasing tax burdens, tax reliefs attract particular attention as a mechanism that can significantly reduce the amount of taxes.

What is our offer

Our team offers assistance in:

– diagnosing the possibility of introducing tax reliefs in your company,

– full tax and accounting implementation of each relief,

– filing applications for interpretations, to confirm the correctness of the relief,

– representation before tax authorities in the course of possible verification and audit activities.