Tax consultancy and accounting

Indirect taxes: VAT

Indirect taxes, such as VAT, are present in the daily work of many companies. They affect the supply chain, the financial system and cash flow. We know that indirect taxes have been subject to regulatory changes many times in recent years. And this makes it very difficult for everyone to navigate the regulations efficiently.

How can you use our knowledge

We have been specialising in VAT issues for years and are happy to share our knowledge with entrepreneurs. We also represent (as tax advisors) their interests in proceedings before tax authorities. In such cases, we not only prove that the adopted settlement method is correct, but we also accept the main burden of the proceedings, i.e. we participate in hearings, interrogations, contact the office, receive correspondence and draft letters. Our presence ensures that key employees (including executives) do not have to fully participate in all engaging activities and hearings.

What do we specialize in

A significant part of our clients are companies operating in such sectors as construction, transport, tourism, medicine, pharmacy, commerce, heavy industry or local government units
and education. We also often cooperate with debt collectors. 

With regard to value added tax, we help to solve problems related to, among others:

– split payment mechanism;

– VAT deduction;

– invoicing and correct documentation of transactions;

– trading of sensitive goods; 

– international trade and correct taxation of transactions with foreign contractors.