Tax consultancy and accounting

Internal audit

Taxes are just like health – it is definitely better to prevent rather than to treat and expose yourself to complications. We conduct an internal tax review to be able to detect possible errors and correct them before a tax audit. This allows us to avoid post-audit “complications”, which can include criminal and penal tax liability of the taxpayer.

Thanks to our audit, the taxpayer will diagnose what is exposed to the tax dispute in his company, and will make the appropriate decision to exclude or minimize the risk. A tax audit has another advantage – during the audit it is also possible to identify areas for tax optimisation, which the tax authorities will certainly not suggest during an audit.

What benefits can an audit bring

Eliminating “complications”, that is criminal liability, will enable the taxpayer to: 

– detect and correct errors – this makes any audits take less time, which means more time for business;  

– have the freedom to decide when to conduct an audit and reserve the availability of employees – such an opportunity is not available when an audit occurs;  

– carry out tax optimization – the taxpayer can save significant amounts as a result of overpaid taxes, such as property tax.

Usually, the taxpayer benefits more from an audit than it costs. Of course, some of the benefits are difficult to assess, such as time and stress saved.

How do we work together

We offer flexible forms of conducting reviews and audits. Our clients have a full choice of review: comprehensive, sectional, its period, tax to be checked, etc. Upon request, we also adjust the scope and subject of the audit to the budget they can allocate for this purpose.

Depending on the type of review, we can conduct the audit both at the location of the audited entity, as well as remotely. 

For more information, please contact the attorney Jarosław Włoch.