Tax consultancy and accounting

International taxes

Knowledge of international taxes is crucial for companies operating abroad. Sometimes, as a result of electronic control and exchange of information between countries, they pay tax in two countries instead of one, without being able to apply any reliefs. To avoid such an adverse tax effect, it is worth planning the transaction with the help of a tax advisor.

In the field of international taxation, many issues arise, such as determination of tax residency including the center of life (life interests), taking into account double taxation treaties, determining the length of residence (183-day criterion) or obtaining certificates of residence.

How can we help

At MISP we provide advisory services for companies conducting international business. We help them avoid double taxation, prepare opinions on all issues related to international tax law, and significantly reduce tax burdens, which leads to an improvement in the company’s financial result.

At Małopolska Tax Studies Institute we provide security and tax control at the same time.  We offer services that result in real tax savings or minimization
of the tax risk associated with conducting international business.