Tax consultancy and accounting


Labour law consultancy

For a company to operate efficiently, it must comply with labour law. We offer professional consulting services in the field of labour law for small, medium and large enterprises.

Our services consist in optimisation of processes related to planning, management and settlement of working time in particular areas of a company’s operation. We act on the basis of an analysis of the client’s needs and a comprehensive audit of the company.

We offer:

  • optimal solutions in terms of employee working time, awarding bonuses and regulating salaries,
  • assistance in employer’s relations with trade unions or employee councils,
  • preparation of professional employee contracts,
  • assistance in hiring, legalizing the stay of foreigners and in delegating employees abroad,
  • audit of labour law documentation (employees’ personal files),
  • comprehensive consulting on protection of employees’ personal data,
  • audit and optimization of payroll regulations.