Tax consultancy and accounting

Protection against tax inspection

A tax audit can make life difficult for many companies. The main benefit of our offer for companies is protection against negative effects of a possible tax audit. The service is addressed primarily to businesses operating in sectors particularly controlled by the authorities (foreign sales, electronics, fuels).

Why are procedures important

To minimize tax risks, we suggest you create or review procedures related to the sale and purchase of goods. Thanks to that, you can check the contractors and ensure the correct course of the transaction. Appropriate procedures significantly reduce tax risks, which may arise especially in the context of foreign sales (export of goods, intra-Community supplies of goods). They are also a form of response to warning letters and due diligence methodologies addressed to taxpayers by the Ministry of Finance.

What is a review of a particular dimension of a company’s operations used for

In order to ensure security, we offer an individual review of the selected business process of the company.

The review comprises three stages and consists of an analysis of:

– sent documents, including procedures, statements, data sheets, and providing suggestions as to their possible supplementation or correction (analysis of blank documents),

– the above-mentioned procedures in practice – analysis of exemplary completed documents, statements, etc., combined with interviews with company employees (1 working day), 

– Ten selected transactions in terms of their proper recording and documentation for VAT purposes (especially transactions constituting intra-Community supply of goods, as they are exposed to special control by tax authorities).


In a written report prepared after the review, we will indicate those areas or selected transactions which require supplementation or improvement and recommend appropriate solutions.

The range of our services also includes the creation of documentation and procedures for high-risk transactions from scratch, based on the company’s operating practice.