Tax consultancy and accounting


Tax risky industries

Taxpayers operating in the so-called sensitive industries are particularly exposed to tax and fiscal inspections due to the fact that activities in these areas are very popular among dishonest taxpayers. Certainly, they include the following industries: fuel, steel, scrap metal, electronic, precious metals, construction and trade in food products.

How to protect yourself against fraud

Entrepreneurs operating in sensitive industries should pay particular attention to their contractors and develop certain standards for their verification and authorization. They should also monitor changes in tax regulations, as the legislator regularly introduces new mechanisms aimed at preventing VAT fraud. We should mention here, for example, the planned changes introducing the central register of invoices or the already introduced institution of the so-called split payment.

It is also advisable for entrepreneurs to conduct periodic internal audits – tax reviews.

With over 20 years of experience in handling tax disputes, we know where to focus our efforts, where taxpayers most often make mistakes and how honest taxpayers get caught up in various tax carousels. We want to share this experience with you so that you can avoid lengthy audits and tax arrears.     

How can we help

We have prepared dedicated services for companies operating in tax risky industries which include: initial diagnosis, development of contractor verification procedures, information on tax changes and in-depth internal review.