Tax consultancy and accounting


Planning to start a business requires thinking about many issues and making several strategic decisions by the future entrepreneur. Even before starting your own company you should think about the form of business and the form of taxation. Changes in this area during the year may prove to be very difficult, and in some cases even impossible.

The first months of running your own business are quite difficult. It is necessary to assimilate a lot of information and become familiar with legal, tax and accounting regulations, which requires devoting time, which at the beginning of the business should be spent on developing the offer and winning markets. That is why at the very beginning of your business it is worth taking advantage of the help of specialists who will help you choose the right form and will guide you through the initial phase of your company’s development.

How can we help

We offer our clients – future and beginning entrepreneurs – the possibility of comprehensive legal, tax and accounting service and advice. In one place and at one time they will obtain all the necessary information, and we will help them with all the necessary formalities.

We offer special conditions of cooperation to new entrepreneurs, because we understand how difficult the beginnings of your own business can be.