Tax consultancy and accounting


How to plan your taxes

As entrepreneurs, we manage finances, including taxes. It is one of our most important tasks. We know that taxes – like any other area in a company – can be planned. It’s worth doing it right from the start.

Usually, when thinking about the development of a company or an investment project, we set business objectives and a strategic plan of action. As we know, the foundation of any plan is finances and anticipating what the consequences of trading money might be, also in terms of taxes. So if we plan for business effects, we might as well plan for tax effects.

What do we offer at MISP 

At the Małopolska Tax Studies Institute, we help companies plan their taxes. As part of strategic tax management, we provide the following services:

– we comprehensively examine the effects of the venture – short and long term;

– We also pay attention to all legal and balance sheet effects;

– We propose alternative solutions that combine tax security with economic benefits;

– we propose flexible settlement methods and rules of cooperation.

When we incorporate developed tax engineering into our financial planning, we can optimize the costs of the entire venture, as well as increase tax security. With such a strategy we can also ensure that the company will function efficiently for many years.