Tax consultancy and accounting

How to manage tax risks

We help you get the necessary understanding of tax issues relevant to your business or industry. We identify tax risks and together look for solutions.

In our experience, more and more often the management of a company is well aware of the risks that can be caused by an inappropriate tax policy. At the same time, they do not necessarily need to have in-depth knowledge of accounting or taxation. It is important that they have a general idea of the tax risks that may arise in the course of business or as a result
of operating in a particular industry. However, what may prove as invaluable for them is the knowledge about… the latest methods used by economic criminals. Thanks to it, they can protect the company against being unwittingly drawn into an illegal procedure.

How do we cooperate at MISP

First of all, we check together what are the most important tax issues for the company. As a result, we prepare a report with a plan of actions that can be implemented immediately
and also in the future – of medium and long-term nature. Individual countermeasures are discussed and implemented during regular meetings with relevant managers within appointed working teams. We usually focus on two areas: the creation of procedures and regulations, and their proper interpretation and application. 

How do we implement a tax procedure

We create procedures that effectively protect the company and at the same time do not hinder the current operation of the company. First, during meetings we determine together
with those responsible for making certain decisions, how to properly observe tax procedures. Together we develop standards and then implement them in the reality of the company’s operation.

How we help trade and logistics companies

We pay special attention to meetings with employees of trade (invoicing of sales) and logistics departments. Our experience shows that these people are usually responsible for collecting the necessary documents from transactions. In many cases, they do not realize how important their actions are and what it means for the tax security of the entire company. These documents are used for tax purposes as confirmation that the transactions have taken place correctly.