Tax consultancy and accounting

Audit of tax safety

Audit of tax safety is an offer addressed to companies which want to confirm the correctness of their settlements or want to detect existing irregularities. As part of our services, we offer a tax audit, i.e. a comprehensive examination of the correctness of determination
and settlement of tax liabilities.

Why is it worth conducting an audit

The purpose of the audit is to identify any tax irregularities and eliminate their effects, as well as to create schemes of correct operation. 

We focus on:

– verification of the existing tax settlements in terms of their compliance with tax law regulations,

– providing guidelines for future settlements,

– optimisation of tax burdens and their legal determination at the lowest possible level,

– determining the level of tax risk of the settlements and the methods of reducing it.

What do we offer

As a result of conducting an audit we prepare:

– a list of issues which require improvement in the way accounting documentation is organized,

– a package of standards ready for implementation, 

– a proposal for reducing the tax burden (in accordance with the provisions of tax law).

As a result of the audit, it is possible to avoid the disclosure of possible irregularities at the time of the tax inspection or tax proceedings already conducted
by the tax authority.