Tax consultancy and accounting

Tax, social security and administrative disputes and audits

Tax and social security inspections are often underestimated by entrepreneurs, yet often their consequences can be very serious and severe.

To what extent do we help

In the event of a dispute with the administrative authorities, we help our clients to end it in the most favourable way possible. We offer our support especially during on-going inspections and proceedings. We advise on the rights and obligations of the audited taxpayer and what the auditing authority may demand above all. We provide comprehensive services by a professional attorney: from the beginning of the audit to its final legal conclusion, including the judicial stage.
We assist not only in tax and fiscal proceedings, but also in inspections carried out by the National Labour Inspectorate and Social Insurance Institution.

Why it is important to have an attorney during an audit

The answer is simple: to look after the taxpayer’s interests. Thanks to the attorney’s knowledge of the law and experience, the client can avoid situations, for example, when the authority abuses its powers, goes beyond the scope of audit, improperly interrogates witnesses, etc. The attorney will also suggest when the taxpayer should actively participate in the audit. Finally, the presence of an attorney disciplines the authority, which saves time, which is of particular importance, e.g. when audited entrepreneurs apply for a VAT refund or need a certificate that they are not in arrears with their tax payments, and allows to avoid unnecessary stress.

Why us

Our effectiveness is confirmed by the places our company and our specialists occupy each year in rankings for the most effective tax advisory firms. Our team of tax advisors has gained experience during many years of cooperation with companies from the fuel, energy and coal industries. They have realized and worked through almost every case of economic activity. Our specialists can provide assistance in the ongoing resolution of problems, but can also carry out a tax audit to increase tax security in the accuracy of customs and excise settlements.
As part of prevention and reducing the risk of administrative disputes, we propose the implementation of procedures and standards through which clients will improve tax security in the company and minimize the risk associated with the likely questioning of the correctness of the actions taken in the event of an audit.

How do we cooperate

We offer flexible forms of comprehensive or incidental cooperation, depending on the stage of proceedings, the subject matter of the proceedings and the needs of our clients.