Tax consultancy and accounting



When it comes to tax risks, the very definition of a tourism service raises many controversies, and this is just the beginning of the problems.

Tourism means not only travel agencies, but also agents and brokers, hotel industry and gastronomy. It is also different types of activities – from organization of recreation, through business tourism, language tourism to agency in selling air tickets and hotel packages. Last but not least, the travel industry is an international business, where you often have to deal with conflicting regulations in different countries.

How to benefit from our knowledge

In response to market needs, we have established a team that specializes in solving tax problems of the travel industry. As part of our activities, for many years we have been offering trainings for entities operating in the industry. Currently, we are also preparing a series of press publications aimed at highlighting the tax problems faced by enterprises (not only travel agencies, but also hotels and restaurants). On a daily basis we also work with the Polish Chamber of Tourism.

As part of our packages, we can offer you ongoing assistance and advice on all legal and tax aspects of your business activities.