Tax consultancy and accounting



We offer a range of tax consulting services, including outsourcing of accounting services and legal advice. We ensure that thanks to the knowledge of our experts and their long-standing experience your company will gain optimal and most effective solutions. For a long time we have been advising entrepreneurs from the industries and markets listed below, although it is not all our practice and skills.

International trade

Tax risky industries


Transport, shipping, logistics (TSL)

Family businesses

Food and Beverage Industry


Local government units (LGU) and cultural institutions

Accounting offices and accounting services

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Select one of the options below and configure the collaboration package to suit your needs.
In the next step you can choose the number of invoices, hourly consultations per month.

Blue Package Monthly Plan


  • 120 invoices
  • 2h legal and tax consultations
Gold PackageMonthly Plan


  • 270 invoices
  • 8 hours of legal and tax consultations
  • the possibility of three meetings a month during which his settlements would be discussed and he could consult his accountant / our consultant on his ideas.